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Tamil Dance Championship | LIVE 11th March 2017

ILEC Conference Centre

Lillie Rd, London SW6 1UD, UK

This event has already passed by. Sorry.

Event Description

Subara, Collective Movement and Lemonade Red present the Tamil Dance Championship 2017 (TDC 2017). This event is the first of its kind to unite dancers across the different styles of dance, across different age groups and even more excitingly across the globe. The event will be held on Saturday 11th March 2017, at the ILEC Conference Centre in London.

What the Show will entail
TDC 2017 will comprise of three elements. The first is the finals of the Online Solo Battle. This online battle has been going on for nearly two months now. Following an application process, the battle started off with 37 solo dancers from across the world. Via an online voting system, the top 16 contestants were selected, who were asked to compete in the Round 1 Battles. From here, the top 8 contestants via online voting were then selected. These dancers have been paired with one another, therefore there were 4 pairs who were asked to compete in a head-to-head online battle. The toppers of each pairing will then become the final 4. These final 4 contestants will be brought to the UK, to compete against each other in a live battle on Saturday 11th March 2017!

The second element of the championship is the Inter-university competition. There are six university teams competing with each other. Each university team is required to perform a six minute performance, comprising of any dance styles they wish to incorporate, but have to dance to Tamil music strictly. Each team is allowed 15 to 20 dancers. This element of the competition aims to showcase our UK Tamil in particular, and especially that amongst our UK Tamil students.

The 6 Universities who are taking place are:
***             BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY         ***
***                  BRUNEL UNIVERSITY              ***
***            QUEEN MARY UNIVERSITY          ***
***             MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY            ***
***                    CITY UNIVERSITY                  ***
***          ST GEORGE'S UNIVERSITY             ***

The final element of this championship is the Youth Dance Academy. There are 4 Youth Dance Academies who battle with each other to be named the Youth Tamil Dance Champions.

The 4 dance academies are : Phoenix Dance Academy, Prito Dance, I Dance  Studio and Nag Balan Institute of Dance

Venue Hire Details

The Championship will be taking place at the ILEC Conference Centre in London. Doors will open at 5pm and the show will start at no later than 6PM. The event should finish by 10.30PM.

Hosts for the Show
The hosts of TDC are Star Vijay TV fame MAKAPA Anand, and UK’s very own Sri Lankan Tamil Stand-up comedian Kutti Hari. MAKAPA Anand has grown to become one the faces of Star Vijay TV, which is aired across the globe. He has flourished as a brilliant host, gaining particular recognition for his hosting of Airtel Super Singer and Adhu Idhu Edhu. He has also starting his career as an actor in the Tamil Film Industry, adding to his already reputable persona. He will be sharing the stage with none other than our very own Kutti Hari. Kutti Hari is a Sri Lankan Stand-up comedian who has grown to become not only UK’s, but Europe’s, favourite comedian. Over the years, he has not only grown as a stand-up comedian, but also as a host and TV presenter. His work particularly attracts the Sri Lankan audiences enabling him to establish a name for himself amongst the Sri Lankan crowd. This is first time MAKAPA Anand and Kutti Hari are coming together to host an event, and with their excellent profiles we can guarantee that they will attract a larger group of Tamil people, from various different origins.

Leading the Judge Panel
We are extremely grateful that the one and only National Award Winning choreographer Kala Master is gracing this event all the way from India, not only as one of our VIP guests, but also as one of the principle judges for this dance competition. She start off as an assistant choreographer in the Indian Film Industry, slowly working her way up to becoming one of the most prestigious choreographers known in the Industry to date. Her recognition grew further following the creation of her own dance show Maanada Mayilada, which gave her the name of being everyone’s favourite. The TDC team feel blessed to have such an honourable dancer and choreographer to be coming all the way from India to judge this competition and support our UK dancers.

Ticket Price Breakdown
We are offering three ticket types plus one ticket bundle offer as well. Our three ticket types are:
£75 ticket – We are calling this the Meet and Greet ticket type. It is specialty ticket which gives the individual an opportunity to meet and take photos with Kala Master, Ma Ka Pa Anandh and Kutti Hari. Additionally the ticket comprises of them getting front row seats for the show.
£50 ticket – This is the VIP Ticket type. This enables individuals to get front row seats for the whole show.
£25 ticket – This is the Standard Ticket type. This ticket for all standard seats of the show.
Group of 5 - We have additionally a ticket bundle we are offering – where 5 standard tickets will cost £100.

The group ticket deal is basically 5 tickets for £100. This deal is only available if you buy your tickets online. Furthermore, it is only valid for families and not for groups of university students.

We will be monitoring this on the day carefully because we have separate ticket scanning system for those who but their tickets online. If it comes to our attention that university students have bought group tickets on the day, you will not be allowed entry unless you buy a new individual ticket for £25. 

The Voting System
The voting for all but one of the three elements will be 100% Judges. The University competition is the one element which will rely on 70% Judge’s scores and 30% audience voting. The audience voting will take place on the day via an online mobile voting app, which the audience will use to cast their vote.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors
Map of Event Location
March 11th, 2017  5:00 pmMarch 12th, 2017  6:00 am


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